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Restrictions and Advisements

  • The sale and shipping of firearms is heavily regulated by local, county, State and Federal law.  Ronsick Firearms LLC abides with regulations pertaining to the firearms industry.

  • Customers are advised not to attempt to circumvent any laws, rules or regulations pertaining to the sale, shipment or ownership of firearms.  To do so puts the individual at risk of being prosecuted by local, county, State and/or Federal authorities.  Penalties for doing so can be severe.

  • Do not let yourself be persuaded to provide a firearm to anyone who is forbidden to possess one.  Ronsick Firearms LLC strongly encourages parties engaging in the private sale of a firearm to deny transferring any firearm to anyone who cannot pass or will not agree to a background check.

  • If you are selling a firearm, of any kind, to a private party, it pays to be cautious.  The buyer may or may not qualify to legally possess a firearm. Ronsick Firearms strongly advises you to arrange for a current FFL holder to run a background check on your prospective buyer.  Ronsick Firearms provides this service for a nominal charge.

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